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Felis Britannica (FIFe) registered kittens.


All kittens listed are from Viking Cat Club members. These breeders have agreed to adhere to FIFe breeding and registration rules. 

As such all kittens will come with a certified pedigree, be at least 13 weeks old and have had a complete course of kitten vaccinations. 

For more information about buying a kitten please read Felis Britannica’s kitten buying guide here.

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Norwegian Forest Kittens


Three ginger kittens born July 8th, the "Wizard of Oz" litter (I am keeping Dorothy). Oz himself is a fat, active little boy who is athletic and suitable for breeding (only to a registered cattery) or showing, or to be a beloved pet. He should be very big - his mother is the biggest Norwegian I have ever seen. The Cowardly Lion (Leo) is a gentler, smaller kitten but shows the signs of being a completely chilled, easy going boy much like his father Gauss.


Glinda is more lady-like and refined in her look, the smallest of the litter but still sweet and loving.




They will be available to move into their new homes in early October - vaccinated, chipped, and neutered. (Single picture is Oz, Glinda is in the back and Leo to the right of the group picture. Dorothy is not available.)

Cornish Rex Kittens


Cream spotted tabby male kitten

Born 20th July 2023

Lovely affectionate and bold kittens typical of the breed.


Fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered.

Come with Petplan insurance and goody bag

Ready to leave.

More photos available on our Facebook page 


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