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Sleeping Cat


Felis Britannica (FIFe) registered kittens.


Cornish Rex Kittens

Gatodoura Cattery

We have litter of gorgeous  cornish rex kittens avaliable


Olga and Jelena are passionate about their cats and  take great pride in what they do. All Gatodouro kittens come with a  FIFe pedigree, vaccinated and micro chipped, neutered/spayed, happy and healthy when they are ready to leave home for their new Parents at approximately 13 weeks of age.

We are in London

Updated 21st November 2022


Siberian Kittens

Tunguska House

I have 4 available kittens, from seven on the picture. Please contact me if you would like know more. More update available on Facebook:

We are near Loughborough

Updated 215th December 2022


Devon Rex Kittens


Etlantis Joanna x Cookie Olian Love.


Lovely litter of 7, we only have the seal colourpoint and white girl available now.  Registered with Fife as non active. They are well socialised and outgoing kittens. Lovely personalities. They will be microchipped, vaccinated and insured. We are in Lanark, Scotland

Etlantis Pedigree British Longhair and shorthair Cats - Home (

Updated 8th July  2022

Awaiting Information

Awaiting Information

Get in Touch

British Shorthair and Longhair Kittens 

Etlantis Cattery


All kittens listed are from Viking Cat Club members. These breeders have agreed to adhere to FIFe breeding and registration rules. 

As such all kittens will come with a certified pedigree, be at least 13 weeks old and have had a complete course of kitten vaccinations. 

For more information about buying a kitten please read Felis Britannica’s kitten buying guide here.

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