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Burmese cats have been known in their native Thailand for hundreds of years, but today's Burmese breed traces its ancestry back to Wong Mau who was brought to America in 1930. Burmese have been recognised in the UK since 1952. Under FIFe rules, Burmese are now bred and shown in 10 colours.

The Burmese cat is of foreign type and is small to medium in size, with a notable difference in size between males and females. They have a beautiful satin like coat with exquisite big golden eyes. They are active, affectionate and demanding cats who love to be with people and get on well with dogs and many other animals, but have a tendency to bully other cats except those to whom they have closely bonded from kittenhood. 

The Burmese has two copies of the Cb gene which lightens the colour. The brown Burmese cat is genetically brown, and the other colours are much lighter than they would be in a cat of the same colour which does not have two copies of the the Cb gene, Burmese cats are a little darker on the face, legs and tail than on the rest of the body, this is particularly noticeable in chocolate and lilac Burmese

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