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The membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st annually

Like to join? 

You don't have to be a member of FIFe, or even own a Norwegian Forest Cat - we are an all-breed club that specialises in the NFO.


There are two types of membership - Full or Associate. For club matters there is no difference, and both types of member enjoy the same club benefits. There is however an important difference in Felis Britannica since you may only be a full member in one FB full member club. The VCC is a full member club and by choosing to become a full member of our club you are automatically a FIFe member.

Membership Fees :

  • Joint Full Membership - £16.00 (two persons from same household)

  • Single Full Membership - £12.00 

  • Family full membership £20.00 (same household)

  • Joint Associate Membership - £12.00 (two persons from same household)

  • Single Associate Membership - £10.00

  • Family Associate membership £15.00 (same household)

A £10 surcharge for non-UK domiciled members will be applied.

To join VCC complete this form 

Are you already a member of a FIFe club and want to change clubs?
Please complete this form and return to your current club secretary. 

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