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Burmillas have one of the most romantic of origins.

In 1981 a female lilac Burmese, Bambino Lilac Faberge and a male Chinchilla, Jemari Sanquist decided, despite the best efforts of their human owner Miranda von Kirchberg, that they would not be kept apart from each other any longer. The result of this accidental 'love match' was four gorgeous female kittens all with black shaded silver shorthaired coats, stunning green eyes and superb temperaments.

In this way the First Burmillas were born. Burmillas were so named because of the Burm in (Burm ese) and illas from (Chinch illas)

In later matings many other colours and patterns arrived and these attractive cats became known as Asians although they are an unrecognized breed in FIFe.

Today the Burmilla is a beautiful shorthaired cat of foreign type and medium size.  Coats show a striking contrast between the shading or tipping which can be in different colours and a pure Silver or Golden base. The coat has a slight lift to it and silver coated burmillas sparkle in the sun!

Burmillas eyes are their most beautiful feature, clear green in colour and large and expressive with an innocent expression. Outlined in the same colour as the coat they look as though they have been made up like an Egyptian princess. Burmillas are outgoing, intelligent and the most loving of cats. They have the playfulness and intelligence of the Burmese combined with the laid-back beauty of the Chinchilla.

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