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Pedigree Registrations

Registrations of cats into the Felis Britannica (FIFe) pedigree is available to all full members of the Viking Cat Club who have agree to abide by Felis Britannica and FIFe’s Rules. 

These rules include kittens must be a minimum of 12 weeks old, have had a complete kitten vaccination course.

Every cat registered will be issued with a 4 generation pedigree. 

Current Price List (set by Felis Britannica)

Litter Registration

Both Parents FB registered   £7.50

FB Dam only                           £10

plus pedigree for each kitten

4 generation                          £10

5 generation                          £20

Import Registration

Import from FIFe or GCCF  £15

Import from other registry   £25


Cattery Name Registration

Cattery Name Registration £50

Registration forms are available in the members only area. 

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