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Image by Ivan Lyah

Devon Rex

Devon Rex have a pixie like appearance, with an elfin face and large eyes. They have the trade mark curly coat, similar to the Cornish rex but with a looser curl. They are a very affectionate, highly intelligent breed. They can be trained and a easily motivated by food. 

Devon Rex are a particularly sociable cat, with humans and other cats. They are frequently at their humans side, on their lap or having snuggled under duvet at night.Their highly sociable nature means they do not do well if left for long periods of time on their own. 

Devon Rex cats have a broad chest, slender neck and muscular body although they should be of medium boning. 

The Devon Rex first appeared in 1959 litter to a non pedigree mother. The kitten was named Kirklee, his father was presumed to be the local tin mine cat, a big black cat with ringlets from his tail. Initially Kirklee was presumed to have the same mutation as the Cornish Rex kittens that had appeared on Bodmin Moor in 1950. However when Kirklee was mated to a full Cornish Rex Queen, all the kittens were normal coated. Which proved that the mutation which gave Kirklee his curly coat was a different mutation to the Cornish Rex.

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