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Viking Cat Club
Upcoming Show

7th & 8th September 2024

Two Day, Two Certificate  International Cat Show

being held at

Royal Leamington Spa
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International Judges

Mr Eric Reijers (AB)  CZ

Mrs Caroline Stoa (AB) NO

Mrs Sarah Johnson (1, 2, & 4D) UK

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GB flag.jfif

 Side Classes


Best Male - any entire male

12 months or over

Best Kitten - any kitten aged

between 4 - 12 months

Sunday :

Best Female - any entire female

12 months or over

Best Neuter - any neutered cat

12 months or over


Show Fees

Early Bird Entry Fees

(must be paid by midnight 4th August)


VCC Member Two Day Entry

£57.50 per cat

VCC Member One Day Entry

£35 per cat

Two Day Entry (non member)

£72.50 per cat

 One Day Entry (non member)

£45 per cat

Regular Entry Fees

(from 17th August)


VCC Member Two Day Entry

£70 per cat

VCC Member One Day Entry

£40 per cat

Two Day Entry (non member)

£80 per cat

 One Day Entry (non member)

£50 per cat

All entry fees include a single  metal pen or space and a digital catalogue

Double Pen or Space upgrade  £10 per cat

Class Rosette £5 per each

Side Class £5 per cat

Closing Date 17th August or when hall is full. 

Too keep prices low for our exihibitors, a single pen or single space (2ft x 2ft) will become the standard rather than a double.


You can upgrade to a double pen or space (2ft x 4ft) with a small fee to cover the additional cost from the penning company.

If you enter 2 cats, you can choose either a double pen or 2 single pens.


Please specify if you would like 2 cats or 3 kittens to share a double pen on your entry form. 



WCG Sports Centre

Warwickshire College Group

Warwick Road

Royal Leamington Spa

CV32 5JE

Show Sponsors

Our show is kindly sponsored by


Premium high quality cat food to keep your cat in show condition.

Click here to find out more 



Come meet the cats and their breeders. Do you want to know how to groom a Persian or a Maine Coon?


Come see the cats be crowned best in show?


The show is open to visitors from 10am - 4pm both days.

Best in Show is at 2.30pm

Entry Fee for visitors 

Adult £8.50 on door

Children go free 


Trade Stands

We will have the following trade stands in attendance:

LaunMeadow - Pet supplies from litter to toys to grooming products. 

Animal Cancer Trust - Charity raising awareness of treating cancer in animals

If you wish to have a trade stand at our show please contact our show manager here


Important Information


An invoice will be sent upon receipt of entry. Early bird fees must be paid before the early bird closing date, otherwise the fees will revert to the normal prices. 

The show manager has the right to return entries if payment is not made by the show closing date without prior discussion. 


Please note that no cats may be removed from the show hall before the official close of the show. To do so will mean an automatic forfeit of any awards made at the show.

Under FIFe rules any cat shown in class 7, 8 or higher must be registered with FIFe and any titles must be validated through your club within a month of achieving the title. 


Rosettes will be given for side classes, Best in Variety and Best in Show. Best in Category and Best of the Best will receive trophies. If class rosettes are required these can be purchased at the show. 

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)

Should any cat(s) owned by, or living with the exhibitor be diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) no cat from the household must attend shows until a month after either the treatment course for FIP is completed or death from FIP.

White Cats

No white cat can be accepted at a FIFe show without a Certificate of Full Hearing. This will need to be produced during vetting in.

All cats must be inoculated against Feline Infectious Enteritis, FVR and FCV. The full course in accordance with FIFe vaccination rules (available here see section 2.1) and have been completed at least 15 days prior to the show. You will be required to produce a current vaccination certificate for each cat exhibited during vetting in.  At the show managers discretion you may send proof of vaccination within 7 days of the show to the show manager, if you do not do this your cat will be disqualified and lose any certificates and awards. 

Cat Friendly Hotels 

Always check the Cat policy of accommodation:

Holiday Inn Leamington Spa, CV34 6RJ (0.8 miles)                                                                                                       

The Black Horse Inn, CV34 4TT (1.9 miles).                                                                                                         

The Rose and Crown, CV34 4SH (2.7miles)

Exhibitors must ensure that they leave hotel rooms in a clean and tidy state so that we can be welcomed back in the future. This is especially pertinent if you are travelling with entire males. If the hotel room is not left in an appropriate state the club reserves the right to decline your entries to further shows.

Entries are accepted at the discretion of the show manager who shall reserve the right to refuse entries without disclosing the reason.


Entry Clerk


Show Manager

Debbie Downham

Entries Will Open Later in the Year

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