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Exotics are a shorthaired Persian cat, they are like their sister breed in everyway but with a coat that is easier to care for. 

Exotic shorthairs were developed in the 1950's by mating American shorthairs and Persian cats. These cats were recognised by CFA in 1967 as Exotic Shorthair and gained championship status. Originally Persian to  Burmese and Russian blues mating's were allowed alongside the American Shorthair until 1975 when only American Shorthair to Persian crosses were allowed. 

In the UK the British Shorthair was crossed with Persian to develop the Exotic Shorthair. Today only Persian's and Exotic shorthairs are allowed in an Exotic Shorthair pedigree. 

Exotics have a short dense coat, with a round face, big round eyes and short body. This gives them a sweet expression. They should have a strong body. 

Exotics are an inquisitve playful breed but are more than happy to curl up with their humans. Exotics love to play with toys and will happily occupy themselves batting a toy around when they haven’t someone to play with. 

The FIFe breed standard is available here

Exotic Shorthair




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