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The Viking Cat Club membership runs from 1st June to 31st May. 

You don't have own a Norwegian Forest Cat - we are an all-breed club that specialises in the NFO. There are two types of membership - Full or Associate. For club matters there is no difference, and both types of member enjoy the same club benefits. There is however an important difference in Felis Britannica since you may only be a full member in one FB full member club. The VCC is a full member club and by choosing to become a full member of our club you are automatically a FIFe member.

As a full member of VCC, you are also a member of Felis Britannica and as such you must adhere to all Felis Britannica and FIFe rules, which are available here. We strongly recommend reading these before applying to be a member

Please see below for some specific rules that breeders need to abide by, we recommend that you read all of the FIFe and FB rules carefully before applying for membership and are willing to comply with all these rules


Felis Britannica Registration Rules



If the breeder does not have a cattery name registered with FIFe, each kitten will be given a Felis Britannica administrative prefix. If the breeder does not hold a cattery name, a maximum of two litters may be registered using an administrative prefix as determined by Felis Britannica. The breeder must apply for a FIFe cattery name before breeding a third and subsequent litter.

Felis Britannica  Breeding Rules

4.2.1 All kittens bred by a member must first be registered in Felis Britannica. This does not preclude registration in another organisation at a later date.


4.2.2 All kittens must be registered no later than 8 months of age.


No kitten may be re-homed unless it is at least 14 weeks old AND have completed a full course of vaccinations, unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian. Kittens should have completed their vaccination course not less than seven (7) days before re-homing.

FIFe Breeding and Registration Rules


2.3.3 Kittens Kittens must not go to a new owner (home) before they are 14 weeks old and have been fully vaccinated against feline panleucopenia, feline calici virus and feline herpes virus, unless otherwise advised by a veterinarian. (Homeopathic vaccinations are not accepted)


All kittens must be identified by microchip and the identifying code shall be documented in or on the pedigree.

3.3 Queens Queens must not have more than three litters in twenty-four months except with the prior written approval of a veterinarian and/or the FIFe Member. A queen which requires repeated caesarean sections must not be used for further breeding. A queen may not be allowed to be mated by a second male within 3 weeks of the previous mating.

5.1.1 General principles All kittens bred by a National FIFe Member’s member must be first registered in FIFe and a FIFe pedigree must be issued. (This means that all queens owned by a Felis Britannica member must be registered with FIFe. You can register kittens with other registries, but the FIFe registration must be submitted first)

Membership Form
Which type of Membership would you like to apply for?
Are you currently a breeder?
Do you intend to breed in the future
Where do you currently register your kittens?
Do you hold or intend to hold an official position with a Non-FIFe organisation – e.g., Judge, Committee Member, Show Manager
I agree to abide by the constitution of the Viking Cat Club and any recommendations that may be made by the Viking Cat Club.
I also agree to my name, address, email and phone number being held on the Club database solely for the facilitation of Club business.
By becoming a member of the Viking Cat Club, I agree to adhere to and uphold, all rules regulated by FIFe and FB? In particular I have read the rules listed above

Thanks for submitting!

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