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Kitten Primary Vaccinations and Show vaccinations

Kitten Primary Vaccinations

 Unfortunately, there is a worldwide vaccine shortage. This is due to the pandemic related production issues combined with an increase in the number of cats needing vaccination.

Veterinary Surgeons are being advised to prioritise primary vaccination courses and delay booster vaccinations for up to 3 months.

There will be no change to the FIFe Breeding and Registration Rule (BRR) 2.3.3. However, the FIFe Board have advised that Felis Britannica can give recommendations to our breeders on how to manage this situation to allow breeders to rehome kittens that have not been vaccinated in line with article 2.3.3 of the BRR, due to a “force majeure”.

Breeders should make every effort to find a practice that will provide a complete vaccination course at the usual age i.e., 9 and 12 weeks. It is strongly recommended that you try to book a litter in as far ahead as possible i.e., at least 4/5 weeks before the first vaccine is due. If you encounter difficulty, please explain to the practice that vaccination prior to sale is a FIFe rule. This is there for the protection and welfare of kittens up to 12/13 weeks of age before being released to their new homes.

If no practice in your area can either fully vaccinate kittens or give only a single dose of vaccine, the Felis Britannica Executive Committee has agreed that kittens may be rehomed under an exemption due to a “Force Majeure”. Breeders must inform their Club with a valid reason for failure to vaccinate. The kittens must be at least 12 weeks old and have had at least one health check by a veterinary surgeon before rehoming.

In order to comply with the special provision in relation to BRR 2.3.3 please download and print a copy of the ‘Kitten Health Check Record’ from the Forms and Price List page of the Felis Britannica website.

Please complete the KITTEN DETAILS section as instructed on the form. Give it to your veterinary surgeon when you present the kitten/s for their health check and ask them to complete and sign the VETERINARY SURGEON section of the form. Finally, you must read, sign and date the BREEDERS DECLARATION at the bottom of the form.

Please send a signed copy of the form to your club secretary. A copy of this should also be given to the new owner. The breeder must also advise the new owner that the kitten must be fully vaccinated by their own veterinary surgeon at the earliest opportunity. The new owner should also be advised that the kitten should be isolated from all other cats until at least 7 days after the 2nd dose of vaccine.

Vaccination Requirements for Shows

Kittens must have completed a full primary vaccination course at least 15 days prior in order to attend a show.

For all cats that have already had their full primary vaccination course, we already have provision under Felis Britannica Veterinary Rule 2.1.3 allowing for a 2 year period between vaccinations for cats to attend shows.

An extension of a further 3 months will also be allowed for booster vaccinations.

Both situations will be reviewed in January 2022


Kind regards

Gem Chapman

Felis Britannica General Secretary

For and on behalf of the Executive Committee

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